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Elegant Additions and Remodels

It’s time to transform your home into something more. Perhaps you’re planning that entertainment room you’ve longed to have. Maybe it’s time to make that man cave a reality. It could be that you need an in-law suite, or you want to breathe new life into that dated kitchen.

Whatever the project might be, Patriot Contracting delivers the experience and expertise you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation on your addition or remodel and see firsthand just how simple and streamlined the process can be.

Dream Home Additions

Your family grows over time. Your interests change. What once fit your needs perfectly may not do so forever. At Patriot Contracting, our expert team can assess your home and your needs, determine how to achieve your dream, and then bring it all to life. Some of the most common home additions include adding a new room, converting the garage into living space, adding bathrooms, laundry rooms, Florida or California rooms, and even bump-outs that expand the living space available to you in existing rooms.

Whether you’re looking to expand your home with a master bedroom retreat, are interested in adding a great room for entertaining, or you want to maximize your outdoor space with a stunning outdoor kitchen, we design and create your dream.

Luxurious Home Remodels

It’s time to make your home match your sense of aesthetics and use needs. Perhaps you’re looking to bring more natural light into the master bedroom. You could be ready to welcome a new bundle of joy into your life and need to transform your old office into a nursery. It might be time to refloor the entire home and repaint the walls.

Whatever the situation might be, we bring years of experience to bear to determine precisely what you want to achieve and the best way to do just that. No home remodeling project is too large or small for our experts.

Why Consider Remodeling Your Home?

At Patriot Contracting, we’ve seen any number of reasons to remodel a home. One of the most common is to make the home better suited to your lifestyle. For instance, adding an entertainment and gaming space is a great choice for growing families who want to spend more quality time together. Of course, that’s just one possibility. There are numerous others. Perhaps you need to add living space for an aging parent in your care, or maybe you need additional room to act as the hub for your thriving business.

Whatever the case, we can help ensure that the entire project goes smoothly, from the initial planning and design stage through construction, wrap-up, and even support after the project is done. We focus on building relationships, not completing construction jobs. We’re there for you today and down the road, always ready to offer our expertise, answer questions, provide guidance, or solve problems.

Why Choose Patriot Contracting?

Why choose us for your home remodel or new addition? Perhaps the most important reason is that we simplify and streamline the entire process. We take the confusion and frustration out and deliver an enjoyable, easy process that doesn’t upend your life.

We’re also focused on delivering the highest quality of work possible. Whether we’re giving your den a makeover or designing an entire outdoor living space, we use the highest-quality materials and cutting-edge construction techniques. The result? A new section of your home that surpasses your expectations and stands the test of time.

Finally, we offer advice, guidance, and access to our expertise at every step along the way. We’ll suggest materials and finish options that will complement your design goals. We’ll answer questions and explain everything involved in the project. Our goal is to earn your trust, and we do that through transparency, honesty, and dedication to high-quality craftsmanship.

Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Ready to take the first step into transforming your home into something that better suits your family or lifestyle? Contact us today. The first step is an in-depth, on-site consultation during which we’ll get to know you and your family, your goals with the remodel or addition, and everything else. Your dream awaits. Let Patriot Contracting bring it to life. Contact us today.